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Crappy installation without kickplate moulding
90 degrees column cut on a pitched patio!!!
A ridiculous plate to attach frames. They should have put scotch tape!!!!
Saggy screens. Sloppy rescreening = you'll pay again for another rescreening!!
Remaining water after rain = wrong pitch = joint leaking + corroded gutter
Amazing!! They didn't join the principal beam sections with a gusset plate inside. The roller blade tells everything.
They cut a corner column too short and covered the error with plates!!!
Too lazy to install 4 screws. For sloppies 2 are enough

Sloppy & Mediocre companies competition

We made a shameful compilation of many crappy and sloppy jobs made by the competition fixing what they previously "fixed" or built. You'll be surprised when you see it.

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Frecuent contruction & repairing malpractise of competion companies

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