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Our startup and vision about the business

AAA Pro Screening is a small but highly specialized screen enclosure company created on 2005 initially with two business partners and friends, Thomas Muuh Wojcik and Ivan Alarcon. After 2 years of operation Ivan Alarcon continue running the company alone till now. My goal is not make “easy money” as the rest of the companies but feel my customers are totally pleased and happy serving them in the most professional way and as I say, if they are fine I will be fine and ready to sleep good at night.
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Why Choose Us

  • We answer our phone!!

    Nothing more annoying than to call a company requiring an immediate response and listen a recorded message saying that someone will call you back who knows when??. The only exceptions are when I am at the line phone assisting another customer, I am climbed at an enclosure roof making a job (and be sure I’ll call you back as soon as I am back to the ground) or I am at the shower.
  • If you don't like sloppy jobs...CALL US!

    Be a perfectionist has many advantages. No complaints since we started the business. Performing every job with high quality & expertise workmanship always exceeding the codes and applying the common sense, logic, judgment and intelligence (our head is not only to wear a hat). If we do a job or we do it totally good or we prefer to do nothing.
  • Three employees company: I, me and myself

    The only way to make everything right and give reliable warranty on every job. The main difference between my company and others is we do not have a “qualified” meager crew. If I need to do a big job or a related specialized job then I hire one of my professional workers who have passed many filters before I agree to work with them.
  • Enclosures made on site

    The only way to do a perfect job where all the enclosure sections fit exact without recourse to tricks like filling gaps with caulking or plates to cover a mistake.
  • Don't pay twice or more for the same job!!

    If you are trying to “save” money hiring a meager company and then hire another one to fix what they did…...you are wasting your money. We do it right at the first time and make only jobs to last. You will get what you will pay for at a reasonable price.